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Module-R series for containers

Weiss Module-R air conditioning systems are reliable, robust and highly mobile. The modular construction enables easy maintenance and the amount of spare parts and documentation is also reduced. The Module-R series is used all around the globe.

High comfort and flexibility

A high level of comfort is achieved thanks to the innovative automatic mode that controls the required air volume. Module-R climate systems are extremely quiet and energy saving. They can easily be started by ‘plug and play’. It is possible to connect multiple Module-R systems to form a redundant system. They are highly flexible with no compromise in quality.

Robust solution

The cooling capacity is between 5 kW and 15 kW and the heating capacity between 5 kW and 10 kW. Even under adverse conditions, Weiss Module-R systems can interact due to the reliable and safe defence control unit they have in common. The Module-R systems are equipped with energy saving and speed controllable fans, which are easy to operate and ready to plug in. All systems can be operated as air circulating system or with outer air.

Product overview




  Cooling capacity  

 NBC-Protection      Typ
Container A, B, C         I, II           5.0 bis 15 kW       optional             Module-R


A=System inside container   B=System inside utilities room   C=System externally I=Compact version   II=Split version