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Solutions for special applications

Weiss Technik is your expert partner for customised solutions. From cooling of a small telecommunications booth and air conditioning of containers with high-end electronics through to complete cleanroom containers, Weiss Technik offers the perfect tailor-made solutions.


The table below shows the main features of our customised solutions:

Product overview

Application Location  Type  Cooling capacity NBC-Protection Type
Communications cab. I type A/B A I 3,7 bis 5,2 kW optional K1W-B, K2W-B, K4W-B
Communications cab. II type A/B    C I 4,2 bis 5,8 kW optional K13W-B, K15W-B
Communications cab. II type A/B C I 7,0 bis 8,0 kW optional  K30W-B, K31W-A
Container B/C I 4,0 bis 12,0 kW optional K19W-A7, A10, A12
Container B/C I 8,0 bis 14,0 kW  - K23W-A
Container C I 10,0 kW integrated K29W-A
Container B/C I 4,2 bis 9,0 kW - K51W-A7, A10, A14
Container A/C II 10,0 bis 14,0 kW    ZKB 15/10 SH, 20/14 SH 
Container B I 22 kW optional HKE 10 
Vehicles and container C I 2,0 kW - K64W-A2
Vehicles and container C I Heizen - BHA-1 L/R
Kitchen container B/C II 4,6 kW - K36W-A
Container with brine temp. control B I/II 11 bis 15 kW optional STA-3, STA-5, STA-6


A=System inside container   B=System inside utilities room   C=System externally   I=Compact version   II=Split version


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