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Solutions for special applications

Weiss Technik is your expert partner for customised solutions. From cooling of small telecommunications booths and air conditioning of containers with high-end electronics through to complete cleanroom containers, Weiss Technik offer the perfect bespoke solutions.


The table below shows our customised solutions and main features:

Application  Type  Cooling capacity  Type
Tents I/II 6-18 kW ZKB 10/6 MFA
ZKB 15/10 MFA  
ZKB 15
ZKB 15 A10
ZKB 20/18
ZKB 20/18-B
OT-Tents I/II 11-18 kW ZKB 15/10 MFA
ZKB 20/18-B
Cleanrooms I/II 11-18 kW ZKB 15/10 MFA
ZKB 20/18-B