ECU space antenna solutions

Key Facts:
Cooling of antenna systems, radar systems, electronic and IT systems

technik provides cooling technology for ground-based space antenna stations worldwide for more than 30 years now. For the seamless control of satellites and the monitoring of space, the European Space Agency (ESA) operates a global network of ground stations. In a wide variety of climates, powerful satellite antennas are pointed into orbit around the clock at remote locations in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. To ensure that the sensitive electronics of the ground stations are protected from dangerous climatic fluctuations, ESA relies on 100% redundancy solutions made by weisstechnik.

We are developing, building, maintaining, repairing and servicing the cooling systems for ground stations worldwide.

Most of the robust and reliable overall systems developed by weisstechnik are centrally controlled on site. In the case of malfunction, a corresponding redundancy system automatically takes effect to continue the operation of the system. Status and error messages are automatically forwarded to a control system to enable decentralised monitoring and ensure the permanent availability of the antennas for the mission.

Since 2006, weisstechnik has equipped a number of ESA ground stations with 15 m high antennas with the new reliable redundancy concept. The development and installation of the new system for the 35 m high deep space antenna in Argentina is also based on the 15 m antenna design. weisstechnik is servicing all facilities through our global service network.

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