Module-R 4

Key Facts:
24 V Air conditioning for vehicle container structures
Cooling capacity: 4,5 kW
Heating capacity: 5 kW
Refrigerant: R134a
Colour: RAL 6031 NATO green

Module-R 4 HVAC units are compact 24 V DC air conditioners with integrated fuel heater for vehicles container structures. The complete system includes the air conditioner, an air distribution box, a recirculation filter unit and a separate control panel.

Module-R 4 is designed for an operating temperature range of -19 °C to +44 °C, for operation in various climate zones such as A2 and A3, B1 to B3 and C0 in according to STANAG  2895. The unit supplies a cooling capacity of 4.5 kW and a heating capacity of 5 kW. In the heating mode, required heating power is generated via an integrated diesel fuel heater.

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Additional equipment:
Air distribution system, recirculation filter system