Module-R STA

Key Facts:
Tent and container air conditioning, electronic cooling, radar cooling, server cooling, IT cooling, laser cooling
Cooling capacity: 10 kW, 16 kW, 20 kW
Liquid volume flow: 1,8  m³/h to 3 m³/h
Refrigerant: R134 a, GWP 1.430
Colour: RAL 1039 sand, RAL 6031 NATO oliv

Mobile liquid cooling units (LCU) type Module-R STA are specially designed for cooling indoor compartments as well as electronics, servers, radar equipment, etc. in tents, containers and shelters. The technology combines years of proven technology experience from our stationary military liquid cooling units and the housing of the compact Module-R series. The Module-R STA units are available in three different performance classes of 10 kW, 16 kW and 20 kW and offer an extreme operating temperature range from -32 °C up to +55 °C.

All housing parts are made of sturdy stainless steel or lightweight aluminium and have been derived from our proven Module-R series. The compact design enables an easy and flexible transport. For this reason, the devices are perfect suitable to operate in military tents and containers in field camps and mobile hospitals.

Module-R STA system includes a compact out-door unit, in-door recirculating air-cooling unit, a brine hose system, a separate fresh air unit, a CO warning unit and a control panel with colour display.

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