Key Facts:
Shelter- and container air conditioning, electronic and radar cooling by liquid
Cooling capacity (air): 9 kW
Cooling capacity (brine): 6 kW
Heating capacity: 9 kW
Refrigerant: R134a
Colour: RAL 6031

The partial container air-conditioning and liquid cooling unit STA 3-A is used for cooling, heating and ventilating of shelters, containers and cabins, as well as for cooling radar and electronic systems. Both compensates temperature fluctuations due to the ambient climate conditions and the heat loss of electronic devices.

The units are designed for extreme operating temperature ranges from -32 °C up to +49 °C for air and liquid cooling and can be used in different climate zones such as A1 to A3, B1 to B3, C0 and C1 according to STANAG 2895.

The frame and the housing construction are made of high-quality aluminium, a robust control panel is mounted inside the shelter or container.

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