TKA K19W-A7, A10, A12, A15 TKA K23W-A, K29W-A, TKA K51W-A7, A10, A14

Key Facts:
Air conditioning of military containers
Cooling capacity: 4 kW bis 14,3 kW
Heating capacity: 4,5 kW bis 12 kW
Refrigerant: R134a
Colour: RAL 6031 NATO green, RAL 1013 white

The HVAC series type TKA are designed for cooling, heating and ventilating military containers. Within the series, a cooling capacity of 4 kW to 14,3 kW and a heating capacity of 4,5 kW up to 12 kW are available.

Large temperature fluctuations caused by outside climate conditions or by the heat transfer from electrical equipment inside the container are compensated by the temperature control system. The container air conditioning units are wall-mounted outside of the container or integrated in a technical compartment.

Designed to the extreme operating temperature range of -32 °C to +49 °C, the air conditioners can operate in all climate zones in military field camps and mobile hospitals. Optionally, the container air conditioners can be equipped with recirculation and/or fresh air filters, with NBC protection and with or without air distribution systems.

The HVAC units are controlled by a separate control panel inside the container.

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