Key Facts:
Temperature control of radio telecommunication cabins
Cooling capacity: 3,7 kW, 5,2 kW
Heating capacity: 2,3 kW, 3,4 kW, 4,35 kW
Refrigerant: R134a
Colour: RAL 6019 NATO oliv

The HVAC units type K1W-B, K2W-B and K4W-B are designed for cooling, heating and ventilation of mobile radio telecommunication cabins.

The compact container HVAC is qualified for extreme ambient temperature ranges from -32 °C up to +55 °C and can operate in all climate zones. Large temperature fluctuations caused by outside climate conditions or by the heat transfer from electrical equipment inside the cabin are compensated by a temperature control system.

The air conditioning units are mounted in the cabin interior. With a distribution system the air spreads in the cabin. The units are equipped with a separate control panel.

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Additional equipment:
Condensate tubes, air distribution systems