Key Facts:
Mobile tent air conditioner for military field camps and mobile hospitals as a split system, mobile HVAC units
Cooling capacity: 6 kW, 11 kW
Heating capacity: 3 kW, 7,2 kW, 10 kW, 30 kW
Colour: RAL 6031

Mobile tent air conditioning systems type ZKB MFA consist of three separate modules: Condenser module, evaporator module and the heating module. The modules can be used as one complete system (condenser and evaporator outside the tent) or as a split system (evaporator module inside the tent). An electric glycol heater is integrated in the evaporator module, for more heat the system can be equipped with the powerful external fuel heating module via a coupling.

The air conditioners are specially designed for tent air conditioning in military field camps and mobile hospitals and can operate in extreme ambient temperature range from -32 °C to +58 °C.

ZKB MFA units are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and high-grade aluminium. The modules of the tent air conditioners can be conveniently transported by the transport frame and the handles mounted on each housing,

A separate control panel is used to set the operating states "cooling, heating (electric), ventilation" or heating via the powerful fuel heater.

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Additional equipment:

  • Transport frame with wheels
  • Separate heating module with 10 kW or 30 kW heating capacity
  • Fresh air filter (filter class G3, F5 or F7) integrated in the evaporator module